Guidelines Issued By The Home Department of The State Government On The Celebration Of Uttarayan

Guidelines Issued By The Home Department of The State Government On The Celebration Of Uttarayan

The festival of Uttarayan and Vasi Uttarayan is celebrated on 13-12-14 / 01/2021. Under normal circumstances, a large number of people gather in the dhabas, agacis as well as in the open fields to celebrate the festival of Uttarayan and Vasi Uttarayan. Corona infections are likely to increase as large numbers of people congregate.

Therefore, considering the current situation of COVID-19 prevailing in the state, from 05.01.2021 to date. The following instructions are implemented till 15.01.2021:

(1.) No public places / open fields / roads etc. can be assembled and kites cannot be chewed.

(2.) In the current epidemic situation, it is advisable to celebrate the festival of Uttarayan only with close family members only.

(3.) No person without a mask shall be allowed to assemble on the roof of a building / flat / agaci or in the Society grounds for the purpose of flying a kite. Attendees will be required to comply with social distances and arrange for sanitizers.

(4.) No person other than the resident shall be allowed to enter the building / flat terrace / agaci or the grounds of the residential society. The Secretary / Authorized Person of the Society / Flats shall be liable for violation of any notice relating to the Flat / Residential Society and legal action shall be taken against them as per rules.

(5.) It will be prohibited to gather a large number of people on the roof of a building / flat / agashi or in the grounds of a residential society,Or playing any kind of music system can cause a crowd to break the social distance as well as increase the transition of the chorus. As well as the use of music system will be prohibited.

(7.) It is advisable for adults above 35 years of age, persons suffering from other diseases, pregnant women and persons below 10 years of age to stay at home.

(8.) No person shall write on the kite any type of writings / slogans / pictures which may offend the feelings of the public as well as disturb the peace in public.

(9.) Name. According to the instructions of the Supreme Court / High Court and NGT, Chinese sky lanterns, Chinese tukkal, synthetic / glass-covered manza, plastic rope etc. will be banned. In this regard, letter no. / 1013 / Yes. The instructions given by COB (Pa. Dw.) Should be strictly implemented.

(10.) Individuals who visit the Kite Market at different places in the State such as Raipur, Mint, Naroda etc. in Ahmedabad city should strictly implement the Covid-19 Guidelines (Protocol) and keep the number of persons limited. Police personnel will have to cooperate.

(11.) The public notice / guidelines issued by the State Government and the Central Government in respect of COVID.19 shall be strictly followed.

(12.) The directions given by the Home Department dated 08.10.2030 with Order No. V-1 / 5Av / 10200/2 should be strictly implemented.

(13.) The curfew imposed in the Police Commissionerate area of ​​Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot, Surat of the State shall be strictly enforced.

For the effective implementation of all the above instructions, adequate provision and patrolling should be maintained by the police and drones as well as CCTV cameras should be installed as required. Surveillance will have to be kept through.

Any person violating the above instructions will be liable to action under the provisions of The Disaster Management Act, 2005 as well as The Indian Penal Code, 1860.

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