Watch Hindi Full Movie Pathshala Bollywood New Movie HD Movie

Watch Hindi Full Movie Pathshala Bollywood New Movie HD Movie

Plot Of The Film

Rahul joins a school as a teacher and instantly strikes a rapport with the children. But he soon realises that the management is more concerned about monetary obligations rather than the children.
The story begins with a new English teacher Rahul Udyavar joining Saraswati Vidya Mandir school, in the Mirpurkhas suburbs. He strikes instant rapport with students and teachers alike.
When Rahul Udyavar unifies the teachers against the atrocities of the school's management, Principal Aditya Sahay defends the management's decision. This comes as a shocker to the teachers as Sahay is known for his dedication as an educator for the last 32 years who has built the school's high reputation.
The situation becomes graver as school management becomes overambitious with its growth and involves media planners in the extracurricular activities. This demands the involvement of students in TV reality shows and other media PR activities used for building the school's image in public which starts reflecting on the students' stress levels. The pressure on young minds increases incredibly, leading to unexpected and grim consequences.
Caught in the web of commercialization, the students go on strike unable to take the pressure, and it becomes a hectic situation. When the media comes to the school, asking questions about strike, Principal Sahay explains the whole situation and resigns. All the students request him not to leave and he shows some signs indicating that he would return.
The movie received a grand opening all over India. Ajmer,Jaipur, Jodhpur, and Udaipur started with 40–50 percent which went higher in subsequent shows. In Hyderabad, Punjab and Indore it opened to 50–60 percent and was expected to go up. In Mumbai Cinemax, Fun Republic and Fame Adlabs also received a good turnover on the opening day.

Paathshaala grossed around  10 crore net over its first week. The film started slow but managed to pick at places on Saturday and remained steady on the lower side over the weekdays. Although the second week was initially projected to earn more at the box office,earnings dropped 50% and the film was declared a "Flop".

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