GPF INTEREST RATE DATE 1/10/2019 TO 31/12/2019

GPF INTEREST RATE DATE 1/10/2019 TO 31/12/2019

GPF Account number should be in numeric .- Account number + Date of birth should be entered in the column of password till further instruction are issued .

For example if account number of a person is 34345 and his/her date of birth (in DD/MM/YY ) format is 04/11/67 then password for that person will be 34345041167 .

The GPF A/c has two parts,viz. - "Series" and Number. Series normally denotes the Department of the Employee, but it always need not be the Department. Eg. EDN for Education, POL for Police, MEDL For Medical, AIS for All India Service, MISC for Miscellaneous, etc.

GPF stands for General Provident Fund. It is a provident fund account available for the government employees. 

In this fund, the government employees contribute a certain percentage of their salary to the account. The accumulated amount is paid to the employee at the time of superannuation or retirement.

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