Latest Circular Regarding Postponement of Local Body Elections For Three Months

Latest Circular Regarding Postponement of Local Body Elections For Three Months

Term of 30 District Panchayats out of 31 District Panchayats of the State as shown in Appendix (1) and Appendix (2)

as per Section-13 (1) of Gujarat Panchayat Act, 19 Term of 31 District Panchayats on 31/12/2050 The term of 4 taluka panchayats out of 3140 and 21 taluka panchayats ends on 31/12/2050, the term of 01 taluka panchayat ends on 16/12/2030 and the term of other 01 taluka panchayats ends on 05/01/2021. 

As per Section 16 (1), Section 13 (1) (a) and Section 13 of the Gujarat Panchayats Act, the term of the Panchayats shall be up to 3 years from the first sitting and the right to hold general elections before the expiry of the term is vested in the State Election Commission.

But as per the declaration of the State Election Commission dated 19/10/2050 on the number (1) taken from the reading, “Assessing the current situation of Kovid-14, the circumstances of the present natural calamity are exceptional and exceptional, so that the Commission comes to the conclusion that By holding timely elections in 31 district panchayats and 21 taluka panchayats in panchayat areas keeping in view the constitutional and legal provisions.

Facing an epidemic situation, the system will have to hand over the responsibility of elections and endanger the health and lives of the system as well as ordinary citizens. Covid-12 The work of the system involved in the epidemic system will be disrupted and the ongoing campaign against the epidemic will be hampered. Therefore, the general elections of local bodies to be held in November 2020 have been postponed for the next three months. And after three months, it will review the epidemic situation and decide to postpone the elections.

Name in detail of the number (2) taken from the reading. DLP under consideration in the Supreme Court, no. Interfocutory Application was filed in 30635/2015. The Hon'ble Supreme Court has given an interim judgment in the above Interlocutory Application from 09/12/2020.

Order: -

After careful consideration by the State Government, it is directed that as per the details given in Appendix (1) and Appendix (2), till the general elections of 31 District Panchayats and 21 Taluka Panchayats of the State expire, the present Heads of Administrative District Panchayats and Taluka Panchayats. Acting as District Development Officer and Taluka Development Officer will carry out the day to day operations but policy decisions cannot be taken during this period.

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