Professional Nursing and Allied Medical Educational Courses (FAQ)-Frequently Asked Questions

Professional Nursing and Allied Medical Educational Courses (FAQ)-Frequently Asked Questions


C/o. GMERS Medical College, Civil Hospital Campus, Sector-12, Gandhinagar - 382016 Website: 

The Department of Health and Family Welfare of the Government of Gujarat has constituted an Admission Committee in the name of "The Gujrat Professional Nursing & Allied Medical Educational courses" for nursing and other courses after Std.12

1) The above admission committee will carry out the admission process for the following courses.

Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT): 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.Sc. Nursing):

Bachelor of Orthotics and Prosthetics (BOP):

Bachelor of Optometry (BO); 

Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (BOT):

Bachelor of Naturopathy And Yogie Science (BNYS)

General Nursing and Midwifery (GNM) (Diploma Course).

Auxiliary Nurses and Midwives Course (ANM) (Diploma Course)

It will not be allotted any admission in BASLP course this year.

Admission to the course from Naturopathy this year will be allotted by the Admissions Committee here

2) Provide information for doing courses after standard 12. ? -

(A) Candidates who have passed Std. 12 (10 + 2) Science stream Candidates who have Chemistry, Physics and Biology group) B.Sc (Nursing), Physiotherapy (BPT). BOP, BO, BOT, BNYS stall can get admission in GNM (Diploma Course) And (ANM) (Diploma Course). -

(B) Candidates who have passed Std. 12 (10 + 2) with general stream, higher north basic stream, vocational stream can get admission in GNM (currently 3 years course) and ANM (currently 2 years course). (Candidates who have passed Science stream can also do this course.)

(A) Candidates who have Std. 12 (10 + 2) Science Stream (Group-A) Science Stream Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics Group) Candidates can get admission in BOP Degree Course and GNM (Diploma Course) and ANM (Diploma Course). .

2) What is the procedure for admission in the above mentioned course?

Information on online PIN distribution dates, cyber centers to assist in the registration process, dates for filling up the Choice etc. are advertised on the website as well as in leading newspapers.

The entire admission process is conducted online. PIN can be obtained by logging online at website and paying Rs.500 / - online. (PIN will not be available from Axis Bank).

After getting the PIN, you have to log on to the website and register.

Xerox of all applicable self certified certificates, your photo and signature will have to be uploaded after registration. (Original certificates will not be uploaded.)

Mandatory user ID on nuradm20 to correct if your credentials are blurry or not visible or if the certificate is incorrect or missing as well as to correct the required information. Will be able to contact in writing.

4) How is merit created?

Two separate merit lists are prepared by the Admissions Committee.

(1) Merit list for candidates who have passed in stream in science stream

(3) Merit list for candidates who have passed in general stream, higher north basic stream and vocational stream.

Merit list will be prepared for science stream candidates on the basis of total marks of theory and practical of all subjects of standard 12.

Merit list will be prepared for the candidates of general stream, higher north basic stream and vocational stream based on the total marks of theory and practical of all subjects of standard 12.

Science stream candidates are given admission first, then only candidates who have passed in general stream, higher north basic stream and vocational stream on the remaining seats in GNM and ANM course are given admission.

If there is no English subject in standard 12, admission in GNM is not available, but only admission in ANM

Deserves to be met.

5) What to do if the first admission process is missed. ?

If you have registered online and uploaded the document and if you missed the first online choice, you can participate in the second online choice process at reshuffling There will be no claim.

In case the candidate is unable to attend the help center in person due to serious illness, accident or unavoidable circumstances, his / her parent or guardian should submit an official letter signed by the candidate with documentary evidence stating the reason for absence after obtaining prior approval of the Admissions Committee. A sample of which is available on the website.

6) State the percentage of reserved and non-reserved seats. ?

Scheduled Caste - 2% - Scheduled Tribe - 15% - Socially and Educationally Backward class - 5% Economically Weak Class - 10%

All other seats are available for general class.

Apart from these seats there are other reserved seats. ?

 Yes, in addition to the reserved seats as per the general rules prescribed by the above Government -

(A) In GNM and ANM nursing schools run by the Government, (1) seats per government nursing school for widows and orphans which are allotted from the seats of that category. -

(B) 3% seats (which are in the category of physically handicapped who have only more than 50% handicapped

Are reserved for those who have. For Government Institutions only) -

(A) 10% of the total seats in each nursing school (GNM and BSc Nursing) are reserved for male candidates.

8) How many types of seats are available for admission. ?

There are three types of seats available for admission which are as follows

(A) Government meetings,

All seats in government-run colleges and schools as well as 2% of the total seats in self-governing colleges and schools,

(B) Meetings of Management Quay, (MO)

10% of the total seats in self-supporting colleges and schools,

10) What is the eligibility criteria for admission? Who can apply. ?

Candidate must be Indian.

Must be under 18 years of age on 31st December of the academic year.

For GNM and ANM courses, the age should not be more than 5 years on 31st December of the academic year.

Candidates for NRI seat Non-Resident Indians are required to be nurtured or children of Non-Resident Indians for educational purposes.

11) What to do if you want to get admission in management meetings. ?

In the merit list also filled the application form issued by the admission committee for admission to the management meeting

Must come.

Institutions running self-supporting nursing courses have all formed a joint committee (consortium).

Arrangements are also being made at GMERS Medical College, Gandhinagar for the distribution and return of the consortium admission letter. The candidate will also be able to get and return the admission card from the self-supporting institution. The Consortium of Eligible Candidates will make Common Merit out of all the eligible admission letters obtained, the Admissions Committee will verify it, each candidate will write this Consortium letter stating its merit number, place and date of admission. - As per the advertisement showing the place and date of admission process in leading newspapers, every candidate has to be present and get admission.

12) What to do if you want to get admission in Non-Resident Indian (NRI) seat. ?

Institutions that fill management seats. The institute will announce the number of seats available in two English and two Gujarati leading current papers, along with fees and eligibility criteria. - Interested candidate should contact such institutes. Admission is given according to the internal merit list of the students who have done,

13) Must have any of the following applicable documents while applying online. ?

1. PIN and user ID purchased online from Axis Bank

2. Your Email ID

3. Two mobile number

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