Download Hall Ticket for Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, Science Stream, August 2020 (Supplementary Examination)

Hall Ticket for Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, Science Stream, August 2020 (Supplementary Examination)

Regarding the above subject, it should be mentioned that, Higher Secondary Certificate Examination, U.M.P. Examination, March 2020, HALL TICKET of unsuccessful candidates in only one / two subjects of science stream has been placed online.

Please note the following instructions accordingly.

1) Admission tickets of unsuccessful candidates in only one / two subjects of the candidates through your school
(Holtikit) prepared by the board and placed online.
2) All the names of the students in the admission tickets (Holtikit) such as full name of the student, photo, seat number, school number, center number / name, subjects taken / subject code, medium, date-time of examination, zone number, name of examination place, block number etc. The information is given. All the information will have to be distributed to the candidates immediately after checking whether it is correct as per the school records.

3). After verifying all the above matters as per the school records, if there is a general spelling error in the spelling of the names and surnames of the candidates, your school's G.R. On L.C. Details reported as per and s.s.c. According to the mark sheet, the spelling has to be amended in the candidate's admission ticket (Holtikit) and signed and stamped on the amendment and certified and distributed to the candidate for the examination. With the signature-coin filled in 'D-1', the board office has to submit the holtikeet along with the forwarding letter on the letterpad of the school within 08 (three) days of distribution.

Corrections made to this name, surname spelling error will not be given immediately. But this correction will be reflected in the mark sheet only. The result which is declared must be checked in the mark sheet.

4) If there is any improvement in the subject or medium, all the information should be filled in the form "D" along with all the grounds as confirmed by the school records. Take special note of this. So that further arrangements can be made for the examination.
5). If a candidate has not received the Holtikit with clear information of the candidates
The list and the fee paid by the school, a certified copy of the application form and all the necessary grounds along with a copy of the holtikeet through the authorized employee of the school should be submitted to the board office two days before the commencement of the examination.
6) In case the photo of the candidate is not presented in the admission card (fee-receipt) of the candidate or the wrong photo is printed or unrecognizable, at the school level the principal verifies that The signature-coin certification and stapler with another photo should be sent here along with full details including grounds for correction.
7) The following points must be taken into consideration for the submission of any amendment;

All the above applicable representations of the school should be submitted together with a clear list of ‘D’, ‘D-1’ or all the required information, in which the signature-coins of the principal should be affixed. File all school representations together on the school letterpad, including all forwarding letters.

The grounds for each case must be attached.

1. Certified copy of the candidate's form filled online by the school.
2. Copy of standard-11 mark sheet.
3 Certified copy of Holtikit sent by the Board.
4 Certified Xerox copy of fee fee paid by the school.
5. All other necessary grounds.

8) If a candidate does not want to appear for the examination, the same student has received the admission ticket (Hall Ticket) of the candidate who has two Holtikit, then cancel the red pen on the admission ticket (Holtikit) and sign and coin And all such ONLINE Admission Form (Holtikit) should be collected and their name, SID number, seat number, school number and reason for return of Hall Ticket.

10) The responsibility for making any amendment or all the above representations regarding the admission ticket (Holtikit) of your school candidate has been certified by the school principal with all the details, grounds clearly and showing all the necessary details, ONLINE Must be done in 03 (three) days. Under no circumstances should the candidate or his / her guardian be sent to the board office for representation, of which special note should be taken.

11) If any of the candidates in your school is handicapped, Std-10 S.S.C. Certificates / marks of all the students who have passed the equivalent examination and that board is equivalent to the Gujarat Board and is valid. If it has not been verified by the school at the time of admission, it should be done immediately and if there is any discrepancy in it, then the candidate should apply for Std-10 s.s.c. If not passed, to make a face to face presentation in the Board office with the required grounds.

-: Correction Form D '(for subject correction) to visit in person and D-1' (for correction of name / surname) to be sent by post to the following address: -

(1) Shri A.D. Khastiya (for Science stream)

Assistant Secretary, Branch-K, Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education, Sector-10.B, Near Old Secretariat, Gandhinagar.

(2) For more information, visit the website of Gujarat Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education regularly.

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