GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf For Std 7

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie ) pdf  For Std 7

Introduction For Ghare Shikhie Std 7

Dear child friends,

How are you ? Have fun! Congratulations on reaching Std.

We've all been home since March 8th. During this time you will have had a lot of fun, played a lot, learned to create something new. This is probably the first time that all the members of the household have been at home together. How was your experience? Did you notice any activities you did during this time? Think of something. How would you like to store the memories and experiences of this time?

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie

You may also be remembering your school, the fun of playing with friends at school, the fun of studying with the teacher in the classroom, the fun of learning new things by asking questions. But it may still take some time for schools to open. So do you still have to wait for your fun? The answer is no. We are sending you this Self-Learning Material (SLM) so that you can learn on your own so that your fun doesn't stop. Using which you will be able to start your learning process without stopping. And yes, at the same time you have to use your textbook. This package will make it easier for you to understand.

Very Useful GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie

Dear parents,

We have prepared this envelope for the children during these difficult times when they cannot go to school. So that their learning process does not stop. There are many activities in this package that will require your help. So you will help him.

This envelope gives them space to write, draw and at the end of each month they will have to give this envelope back to their teacher. So take care of it.

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie

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