GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf For Std 2

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf  For Std 2

Introduction For Ghare Shikhie Std 2

Dear Parents,

Your child is now in second grade this year. Everyone will be worried about their children's education. At the same time in the current situation health can be just as much a concern.

Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) For Std 2

 It will take some time for the schools to be undone. But education does not stop. An activity book Ghare Shikhie has been prepared with this for your child's education. Which includes activities to do at home over the next month. Have the child do this activity. Also talk to the teacher on the phone if needed.

Your child has been to school all year. He has school experience. He may also be waiting for the school to open this year. There are a few things to say when the baby is home at the start of the new year.

Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie)

A child of this age would love to play. Maybe even forget to eat, so pay attention to what you eat comfortably twice at home. Speaking, handling, reading and writing in a language are the four main things. Two of which are learned at home.

While reading and writing is done last year. Maybe he forgot a little bit. Coloring improves eye and brain coordination with the hand. Be careful not to let the color come out. The baby will learn it slowly.

Very Useful Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) For Std 2

And yes, a child of this age will sit in one place for about 30-40 minutes. Take a break after that, then do it for free. Ask the teacher if needed, call the teacher even if the child does something new, nice, he will be waiting for your phone, they will like it too. The first module gives about 15 activities. Do this activity

Below is a list of what you need. • QR codes are given last in some activities. Which contains videos of the same activity. You

You will be able to show videos using this QR code from your mobile. If your mobile does not have a QR code scanner, download it. Seek the help of a school teacher if needed.

Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) For Std 2

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