GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf For Std 3

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf  For Std 3

Introduction For Ghare Shikhie Std 3

Dear parents,


Your child is in third grade. Currently, children are unable to get out of the house due to the corona virus epidemic. GCERT has started a yard program so that their studies are not spoiled. An attempt for a child to study at home. This is why you should give this module to your child. Do one or two activities every day. Some activities have to be done on a daily basis.

Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) For Std 3

The child does not have the habit of learning on his own. So it is better if the elders of the house help him, in each activity put the necessary material and instruction regarding the guardian. Content is available from home. We also provide videos of the activity. If you have a smart phone, get that video from the child's teacher. Don't worry if you don't have a smart phone. Instructions on what to do in such circumstances are also provided.

Very Useful Study Materials (Ghare Shi khie)

Very good if the child writes on his own. But if he gets confused, stop, you help him. If we are also confused, seek the guidance of a teacher. Best wishes on behalf of the GCERT family, with the hope that your children's studies will continue through the courtyard.  QR codes are given last in some activities. Which contains videos of the same activity.

You will be able to show the video using this QR code from your mobile. If your mobile does not have a QR code scanner, download it. Seek the help of a school teacher if needed.

Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie)

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