Fun With Family | BAPS Daily Worldwide Childeren's Activity

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Presently, the COVID-19 pandemic has enforced lockdowns in many countries. During this period, the BAPS Bal Pravrutti Central Office in Ahmedabad is daily providing fun learning activities for children and families to engage in at home to enable them to use their time more enjoyably and constructively.

All parents are requested to encourage their children to participate in and benefit from these activities, which can be accessed from 'Fun with Family'

We have 6000 Bal Mandals (Children's Centers) worldwide. Around 100,000 children are trained annually in our Bal Mandals. Each Bal Mandal has a weekly Bal sabha (assemblies of children for spiritual and moral education)

The primary aim of our Child Care Centers is 'Character Building.' As a consequence of the growing decadence in values our world is overwhelmed with spiraling problems. That is why our primary goal is to inspire values in children.

For character building we focus on three important things:  To develop virtues like humility, tolerance, service, etc. Organize children's lives through training programs in time management, cleanliness, personal health care and endeavor.

Fun With Family | BAPS Daily Worldwide Childeren's Activity

To instill pride and dignity for our culture through traditions, history and heritage. To foster our faith through daily prayer, satsang, rituals, spiritual reading and devotional singing.

Our powerful avenue for character-building is the weekly children's assembly (or Bal sabha). Absolutely free of cost and conducted by service-oriented volunteers, these children's assemblies have an agenda of moral stories, skits, drama, motivational episodes, sports, competitions, audio-visual shows, pilgrimages and other interesting activities through which children can learn and imbibe values.

 During BAPS mega-festivals a Children's World is created for the entertainment and enlightenment of children and parents. It is entirely managed by 12,000 child volunteers who guide, perform and offer voluntary services in its various departments. Like a mini-university it provides an opportunity to develop our educational, social and personal skills and character.

Fun With Family | BAPS Daily Worldwide Childeren's Activity

Fun With Family | BAPS Daily Worldwide Childeren's Activity

Steps Of Doing Activity

Step 1 : Click on Click Here near Fun With Family Activity
Step 2 : Click On The Image With Day 1 to 12
Step 3: Do Activity With Your Family


Fun With Family Activity : CLICK HERE

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