Total of 44,000 teachers will check the Answersheets of 17.53 lakh students of standard 10 & 12

Total of 44,000 teachers will check the  Answersheets of  17.53 lakh students of standard 10 & 12

The standard 10 and 12 exams have started from March 5. Three days after the commencement of the examination, the evaluation work of Answersheets will now be undertaken.

For this, the Board of Education has appointed 44,000 teachers from across the state. All teachers' data was sought online by the board. There are 28 thousand teachers for evaluation of the answer to standard 10 while orders have been issued to 10 thousand teachers for standard 12 general stream. Then 6 thousand teachers have been earmarked for standard 12 science.

Total of 404 assessment centers will be set up for standards 10 and 12. In addition to 44 thousand teachers, a total of 404 assessment centers have been set up across the state. While there will be 152 centers of standard 10, standard 12 science and 252 centers have been decided together. All these centers will carry out evaluation of northwesterly. At the same time, Uttarvi who has 80 to 90 marks will be checked by two to three teachers.

If the teacher is absent, the school will be fined

There have also been some changes in the performance of this year's assessment. For example, if a teacher is on leave at the time of assessment, the school he teaches with the teacher will also be fined. Prior to this, only the teacher was fined. But after this rule, schools can now allow teachers to take timely assessments.

Total of 17.53 lakh students are taking the exam
A total of 17.53 lakh students are appearing for the board examination across the state. In which 10.83 lakh students of standard 10 and science of standard 12 and 6.50 lakh students of general stream are taking the exam. 

81 zones are prepared across the state for standard 10, while standard 12 is 56 zones. There are 934 centers for examination of Std.10 and 653 centers for Std.12 examination. Out of 653 centers of Std.12, there are 514 centers of normal flow while 139 of Science will be centers.


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