Circular About Checking Readind Skill ( Speed ) Of Std 1 to 8 Standard In Gujarat

Circular About Checking Reading Skill (Speed) Of Std 1 to 8 Standard Students In Gujarat

The process of reading, being able to connect semanticc input with the letters on the page, does not mean much if language learners cannot understand what they have read.

The following exercises, modified from Sherrill Flora’s Everyone Reads! will give you and your students some fun ways to make sure the meaning came through the words on the page.

After your students have read a paragraph with this sequencing activity. Write the major points of the story on note cards, put those cards into a grab bag, and shake it up. Each member of a small group should then pull one of the cards from the bag and place in its correct place in a sequence. 

Once group members have put all the cards in their correct place in the timeline, ask the rest of the class to check if the sequencing is correct. If it is, the group should then retell the story using the cards.

Blank comic panels are a great resource for the reading teacher. Once your students have finished a story selection, give each person a blank comic page in which to retell the story. (You can find dozens of empty templates online.) Your students should then retell the major events in the story by filling in the empty blocks with pictures and dialogue (when appropriate). Once students are finished, you can display the comics on a bulletin board or compile them into a book for students to read during independent reading time. You will know if they understood what they read, and they will enjoy expressing their comprehension in a creative way!

Circular About Checking Reading Skill (Speed) Of Std 1 to 8 Standard Students In Gujarat

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