Topic: – Concerns about head teacher camping.
 It is pertinent to point out that the rules regarding the transfer of the Head Teacher in the primary schools belonging to the District / Town Education Committee have been made public by the resolution of Reference-1 of the Education Department.

 According to RTE Act-2009, the Head Teacher’s position has been sanctioned on the condition of 31/08/2019 by reference to the office of reference-1 of this office.

The following procedure shall be taken for the transfer of the assassination of the Head Teacher, taking into consideration Chapter 2.1 “Provisions regarding transfer of slaughter” of the Resolution of Dt. 09/10/2019.

(1) In this order to issue the sanctioned orders of the school-wise head teacher, according to the norms, in view of the number of students in the elementary school, taking into account the head teacher position sanctioned by the letter of reference-1 of this office. School-wise DOS code will be required. A list of such orders will be sent to this office in Excel file. 

Head Teacher

(2) After approval of the school-wise establishment in order-1, the head teacher in the primary school who is not accessible according to the prescribed norms and if the head-teacher performs his duty in such school, he will have to declare his death. 

(3) The replacement of the head teacher slaughter on the vacancies of the schools, where the head teacher is available as per the norms prescribed in the elementary school and where the head teacher is not presently in charge, is set out in Rule 2.3 of Resolution 09/10/2019. General Chat Chat Lounge Accordingly. 19/12/2017 hrs. Must be done in public camps by 21/12/2019. 

During the above mentioned period, all the District / Town Education Committees are advised to complete the said procedure without payment. After you have completed the camp, the information of the head teachers who are not included in the head teachers under the head or the information of the vacant schools after the head teachers have been included under the head shall be sent to dipak

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