The Provisional Answer Key For The CRC Exam 2019 Has Been Declared

The Provisional Answer Key For The CRC Exam 2019 Has Been Declared

When we retire for decades after the clock has been thorny, time seems to have stopped. A person who is constantly busy lives realizes that he or she has become lazy. 

That feeling makes a person a decade older than he is. But there are many elders among us who start the second innings after retiring and fill the lives of others with joy and happiness.

Grandparents are not seen in the family as the families are separated. As a result, without them there is no one to tell stories to children. Children get the love and warmth of grandparents, a group of six to seven elders who have passed seven decades with the aim of keeping our heritage alive through stories are offering free knowledge in English medium schools. 

The group collaborates with English medium schools and then tells the interesting stories of Ramayana, Krishnallila, Vikram Trolls, Panchatantra to the children who are studying in the primary as per the scheduled schedule. Through this, the bond of unselfish love between elders and children is built

Life with children began to feel alive
'I was a senior manager at the bank when I retired. Life does not look like a man if he has no activity. 

I was passionate about sports so I joined the group and started to tell stories to children in schools. Since children are in the English medium, we used to read the story book if necessary, prepping. 

Then the kids started telling the story with action. This made the kids have a lot of fun and started to feel alive. I have been doing this work for the last 3 years so I am healthy even though I was 5 years old. When I retired as a Primary School Principal, I thought I was interested in music from a young age and if I have done dissertation I will do something in this field.

 I also started to rehearse, but since I was constantly with the children for years, I had to do something that could stay with the children. As a result, the group came into contact and I started going to school with them to tell the story to the children. 

I have been doing various activities for the kids for 3 years. - 'I have come to Ahmedabad for the last 3 years after I retired. After retirement I joined the group so I had to do some innovative activities. Children's minds are like a blank slate and the impression of what they are taught falls on their minds. 

Children, poems, songs are all things that they will remember for a lifetime. We become children with children and get lost in their world. This makes us recharge with the children. ' - Kanubhai Dave, (3 years), Gurukul Road

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