Government Employee DA Can Increase From 34% to 39%

Employee DA can increase from 34% to 39%

If the government raises the inflation allowance by 5 per cent this time, the DA of employees will go up from 34 per cent to 39 per cent. The government raises prices twice a year. Inflation allowances increase in January and July. 

The index, which crossed 127 in April, saw declines in early January and February 2022, but has been steadily rising since then. It was 125.1 in January, 125 in February and 126 in March. At the same time, the data in April stood at 127.7. If it stays above 127 in May and June, the government may increase the DA by 5 per cent.

Information obtained from AICPI statistics

According to AICPI data, the increase in inflation allowance is in line with AICPI data. This figure alone will increase the DA of central employees. According to the AICPI index, it has seen a surge in March 2022, which is being considered as a gift of 5 per cent increase in allowances to employees this time.

In case of inflation, the central government takes care of its employees and accordingly gives inflation allowance to the employees from time to time. Now news has come that the government may give 5 per cent DA increase to the employees in July.

There will be an increase of Rs. 34000 in salary

According to media reports, the government may increase the DA by a whopping 5 per cent this time. If you increase by 5%, your salary will increase by about Rs. 34000.

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