What Is The Difference between CT Scan Report and RTPCR Test

What Is The Difference between CT Scan Report and RTPCR Test ?

Corona has become uncontrollable in the state and the number of cases is increasing day by day. 

People now have a great fear of Corona. Contact tracing has now become impossible. The virus has now become deadly to humans due to mixed mutations of the coronavirus. 

Although there are no positive symptoms of corona, people today rush to get a CT scan. If they find an infection in the lungs, they go for RT-PCR test and blood test. 

While people are sometimes confused about corona test and CT scan, Divya Bhaskar talked to a specialist doctor about when to have a CT scan in Corona and RT-PCR test.

Whether the patient is positive or not is determined by RT-PCR

A member of the Zydus Hospital and Covid Taskforce, Dr. V.N. Shah said the corona is determined by the RT-PCR test. CT scans are performed to determine the extent and severity of the spread of corona in the body.

 Right now people are rushing for CT scans, because the results of RT-PCR tests take 3 to 5 days until information about the corona is available. 

The corona has spread to the lungs and is enlarged, so that the corona is known to exist. However, its seriousness is evident from it. Whether the corona is positive is clear from the RT-PCR test itself and also at what stage it is at the score value. 

RT-PCR comes positive despite being rapid negative

Anyone who has corona symptoms first has a rapid antigen test, which sometimes results in positive and negative reports. If negative and have symptoms of corona, RT-PCR test is done, which is 70 percent positive and 30 percent negative. 

The RT-PCR test report has a CT value score, which is considered positive if the score is between 1 and 35, while it is negative if it is above 35. If the CT value score of the RT-PCR test is 1 to 15, the corona is in critical condition, if the 15 to 25 score is moderate, then the corona is normal. Based on this value score, the RT-PCR test clarifies the presence of corona.

The higher the score value, the higher the infection

Regarding when a CT scan is needed, he said that a CT scan is done when a person has shortness of breath, coughing and difficulty in oxygen circulation. Infections in the lungs and the severity of the corona are known. The CT scan has a score of 0 to 25 and the higher the score value in the report, the higher the infection. 

Corona is a positive patient, but no problem if the score value is 0/25. If the score is 25/25 the infection in the lungs has spread a lot and the patient is serious. This CT scan shows the patient's coronary heart disease. According to the guidelines, if the corona is to be treated, the treatment is determined from the RT-PCR test.

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