GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf For Std 6

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) pdf  For Std 6

Introduction For Ghare Shikhie Std 6

Dear parents,

Given the current state of the world, we have to make a lot of changes in our lifestyle. In the current situation, the opening of schools will be delayed. Schools may be closed but education is not. This is an ongoing process.

Your child is now entering Std-8. Books will change from this year. The books will be divided into two books, Science and Social Science, instead of the Environment Book. Now there will be more intensive study.
This module has been created for learning from home today, so that your child's education can continue. In which many activities are given. And these activities are tailored to what is to be learned through the textbook during this June Mass. Doing this module will meet the needs of your home school. In the meantime the baby will need you somewhere in between.

Very Useful GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) 

Sometimes if he wants to see something from your phone or if he wants to call his teacher, make it convenient. Sometimes it will show you by writing. Sometimes he will even want to play with you. You are her friend And let a friend play and put his hand on his shoulder. You are very much needed in the education of the child. There is hope. That your cooperation will continue.

Affectionate children,

How are you? You have this home school for a few days now. This module will help you learn. We will continue to meet through such modules until schools open. You have to study every day. When it's school time, take your textbook, this module, pen and sit at home. Do what you are told to do. You will have a lot of fun. So let's get ready? Let's start your home school! .....

 QR codes are given last in some activities. Which contains videos of the same activity.

You will be able to show the video using this QR code from your mobile. If your mobile does not have a QR code scanner, download it. Seek the help of a school teacher if needed.

GCERT Study Materials (Ghare Shikhie) 

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