JEE Main, NEET dates announced || JEE Main will be held between July 18 and 23. NEET will be held on July 26

JEE Main, NEET dates announced || JEE Main will be held between July 18 and 23. NEET will be held on July 26

Union HRD Minister, Ramesh Pokhriyal 'Nishank' conducted a live webinar with students from all over the country today, to announce the dates for JEE Main 2020, JEE Advanced 2020 as well as NEET 2020 examinations. 

 Apart from the dates, HRD Minister has also shared the plan and suggestions for students. Check out the key points from HRD Minister Live Webinar. HRD Minister has also answered queries regarding CBSE Board Exam 2020 dates and when they would be announced.

HRD Minister Live: JEE Main, NEET in July - check dates and other announcements JEE Main 2020 has been postponed till July. 

As per the announcement, JEE Main 2020 would be now conducted from July 18 to July 23. The JEE Advanced 2020 examination would be conducted in the month of August. 

NEET 2020 Exam would be conducted on July 26. Coaching centres are closed as they can cause problems. We need to ensure social distancing. There is loss of studies but this was an important step. Students can and should prepare by means of self study. 

CBSE Board Exam 2020 Dates would be announced within a couple of days. The announcement is likely within a day or two. Talking about Academic Curriculum, HRD Minister assures students that plans are being made to ensure that the year is saved. Students should use Swayam, Swayamprabha and even the National Digital Library. HRD Minister advised students to use this time to pick up a book, take up diary writing to beat the stress and anxiety due to the present situations. 

There are no announcements as yet on the JEE Main 2020 and NEET 2020 dates. CBSE Board Exams 2020 to be conducted after restrictions are lifted. Addressing the concerns of students about not getting NCERT books, HRD Minister has stated that the provisions have been made to make the books available everywhere. Even then if students are not getting the books, they can share the district details and measures would be taken to ensure that the books are made available.

Students questioned if the decision not to increase fees for IITs would be applicable to NITs. HRD Minister assured that the institiutes have been advised not to increase the fees. For CBSE students - both international and national students, special provisions would be taken. On question regarding the students who are still in hostel at Navodaya Vidyalayas, HRD Minister assures that 80% students have reahed their home. The remaining students would also be helped to reach their respective homes. 

The students at hostel, however, are being taken care of and would be properly looked after - assures HRD Minister. HRD Minister advises class 12 students waiting for their board exams to study other courses. He also urges parents to help the students and keep them motivated. The students have already studies and would continue to study but the challenges have to be handled effectively. 

As for the other students, HRD Ministry has also taken care of the curriculum. Referring to the University degree courses, HRD Minister answers that as per the UGC Exam and admission guidelines 2020, the examinations would be conducted in July. New academic session would begin from August 1. Results of the examinations conducted in July are expected to be announced by August. For zones that are not able to appear for the exams, the plan for intermediate exams would be conducted. Answering questions for competitive exams, students ask HRD minister about the content to study. HRD Minister urges students to use Diksha portal for school examination which has over 80,000 course content in various languages. 

Teachers should also use the same. State Boards have also shared content and curriculum on ePathshala in various languages. Students of classes 1 to 12 can use this. The portal has videos, audios as well as ebooks for students. I am very happy that students and parents and teachers have connected to us. Answering the question on plans to overcome the losses due to the loss of academic calendar. HRD Minister answers that CBSE has decided to promote students of classes 1 to 8 and also classes 9 and 11 would be promoted based on internal marks.

 Remaining CBSE board exams 2020 would be conducted when the situations become normal. HRD Minister states that the situation is rather unique and India has been lucky so far and are able to face Coronavirus. He makes a special thanks to the students and teachers who too have contributed to India's fight against coronavirus. Students have kept themselves and their families safe. Shri Ramesh Pokhriyal Nishank is now live on Twitter and Facebook for students. 

He would be answering the queries regarding the JEE Main and NEET 2020 examination dates. Students may watch the webinar right here or login to the twitter and facebook page links provided below.HRD Minister thanked all the students who have connected with him and urges all to download Aarogya App. The live session has now concluded. Please note, JEE Main 2020 Exam would be conducted from July 18 to July 23. The NEET 2020 Exam has been postponed and would be now conducted on July 26. 

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