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In Gujarat, for every one million 109 people are positive, the average of the country is 43 million
The total death toll in the state is 449 with 24 new deaths, the total death in Ahmedabad with 22 is 343
New cases have risen 7% a day in the past week, doubling the rate every 10 days

Gandhinagar. The total number of positive patients in the state has reached 7424 with seven new cases reported late at night in Bhavnagar and 14 cases in Gandhinagar district. While the death toll has reached 449. A total of 1872 patients have been discharged in the state so far. 8 people from Navsari district have been made home quarantine in Pardi of Rajkot district. AIIMS New Delhi Director and Senior Physician Dr. Randeep Guleria and Dr. Manish Suneja will hold a meeting with Chief Minister Vijay Rupani at 4 pm today.

 The state police chief said that the anti-social elements have tried to take the law into their own hands by opposing the police operation to make the lockdown effective. I send a strong message to these people that such activity will not be carried out under any circumstances. A case will be registered against such people and they will be found and arrested and strict action will be taken against them. My appeal to the people is not to obstruct the work of the police. No accused who attacked the police will be released and action has also been taken under aspect in the incident of assault on police and administration that took place during the lockdown. A total of 64 accused in 28 such cases have been remanded in custody under the aspect.

Industries can now pay Gujarat gas bill in 4 installments of 15 days till June 23: Ashwini Kumar
Important announcements have been made for industries. There are many industries in Gujarat that use Gujarat gas for industries. The ceramic industry in Morbi and the small industries in South Gujarat have taken four important decisions for all industrial customers. If Gujarat Gas is using gas, the due date of all the bills due in the second fortnight of March has been fixed on 10th May. Four installments of 15 days have been given till June 23 to pay the gas charge due on May 10. Industries have been exempted from MGOs for three months in April, May and June, given Corona’s condition.

Vacation till June 20 in state government universities and colleges

Corona cases are on the rise in the state, with the situation spreading to other cities as the situation is more critical in Ahmedabad. Hence the date of colleges amid the Corona epidemic. If the vacation, which ends on May 16, is opened, more cases are likely to spread. In addition, lockdown across the country. Is until May 17th. In such circumstances, the state government has decided to provide summer vacation to all government universities and their affiliated colleges. Decided to keep until June 20th.

The salaries of doctors and medical staff will increase

The Gujarat government has decided that any medical and paramedical staff currently working in the state and engaged in the service of Corona patients will be paid additional compensation. 25,000 for doctors, 15,000 for nursing and other paramedic staff and 10,000 per month for other technicians or ward staff.
The number of positive cases increased with a daily increase of seven per cent

Giving updated details of 24-hour corona in the state, frontline health secretary Jayanti Ravi said 390 new cases have been reported. While 24 patients have died. So 163 patients have recovered and returned home. Of the 390 newly registered cases, 269 have been reported in Ahmedabad, 25 in Surat and Vadodara and 20 in Aravalli. Out of a population of 6.80 crore across the state, 109 persons out of every one million are currently positive for corona. 

At this rate only 43 out of a million people across the country are supposed to be corona positive. Thus, Gujarat's average is more than double the number of Koro positive cases registered in the country at one million. The number of newly registered positive cases in Gujarat from May 1 to May 7 has increased by seven per cent daily.

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