LRB Constable Final Result 2020 UNARMED (FEMALE) at

LRB Constable Final Result 2020 UNARMED (FEMALE) at

LRD Police Constable Final Result Will be Declared on 1st December 2019,LRD Final Result Press Note by Home Minister Pradipsinh Jadeja Sir.

As per the details obtained, the written examination was taken on January 3 for the 3, 6 seats of the lrb board Subsequently, one and a half times the candidates who passed the exam were called for document verification after May 5th. 

 The recruitment board, on July 7, did not disclose the results after the process, saying that the verification will be completed in about three months as the caste certification is to be tested.

The process is likely to be completed within about 3 days, which is likely to be completed by the end of November. candidates waiting for sarkari Naukri result.  

Thus, the total promise of 3 days and 3 days of declaration of lrb results by the lrb recruitment board has now been fulfilled, though no indication of declaration of lrb results has been made by the candidates themselves.

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