Primary Education Teacher Transfer Rules

Primary Education. Education - coaching (PTC). board of directorsand Administration Primary Education:
Primary education within the state has been created free, universal and mandatory. within the town space, there area unit arrangements for giving primary education to the firstfaculties go past the District Primary Education Committees and also thepersonal establishments furthermorebecause the district panchayeteducation committees furthermore as within the rural areas.
2. Education - coaching (PTC):
A.PTC (D.EI.Ed): For the provision of coaching lecturers for primary faculties, 4332 trainees are becomingsecond year pre-service coachingwithin the state's total of 128 teaching temples.
B.Pre PTC (D.E.C.Ed) :: 08 Grant-in-Aid and 03 self-dependent pre-primary teaching teaching temples area unit operational within the state to confirm adequate coaching of lecturers for pre-primary faculties. This course for pre-PTC faculties has been in serious trouble 2 years from 2017-18. except for this, admission qualification has been passed in normal twelve. within the year 2017-18, 154 trainees are becoming this coaching.
3. board of directors and Administration:
so as to effectively implement the policy associated with primary education by the regime, directionsand steering area unit given by the board of directors of Primary Education at the state level. variedprograms for primary education reform area unit enforced through the education of the District Primary Education Officers. the small print of the executive system of the board of directors of Primary Education area unit as follows. The Education - addressing education, as well ascontinued education, pedagogy, instruction, technical education, pharmacy education
Major operations
necessary programs like persistent education and attainment
Universalisation of education for kidsaged vi to fourteen years
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We have diagrammatical those who have worked at nearly each major work, works and works within the state. the complete list is just too long to say here, however our shoppers have worked at:
proscribing the enlargement of secondary and better education and professionalisation of pedagogy and improvement within the quality of secondary and better education
the main focus of the theme and non-plan provisions and also the best use and development objective of the investments in education sector.

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