Big News About Navratri Vacation

"Gujarat Secondary & Higher Secondary Education Board Counsil Decided "No Vacation In Navratri This Year"

Despite protests from several schools across the state, the Gujarat government on Tues declared associate eight-day Navratri vacation, from October 10 to October seventeen, for state-run or connected schools and colleges.

The government clarified that the decision will not be binding on schools affiliated to CBSE, ICSE and other boards schools or educational institutions not affiliated to the Gujarat government.

News About Navratri Vacation

The state education minister Mr.Chudasama said the vacation was declared to ensure that the youth can enjoy the dance festival which has religious and cultural significance.

 “The Navratri vacation at faculties are between October ten and October seventeen, including the Sunday on October 14. It will be followed by the Dussehra vacation on October eighteen.”

“The Navratri vacation won't adversely impact communication schedules as exams ar to be command between October twenty two and November three. In the case of categories IX to XII, exams will be between October 19 and October 30.”

Considering opposition to the vacation from many schools, who fear it will interfere with the set academic schedule, Chudasama reiterated that the Navratri vacation will be adjusted with the Diwali vacation.

 The hue and cry by bound parts and also the Congress ar politically actuated. Not one day of the tutorial session has been sacrificed for the Navratri vacation. Seven days of the Diwali vacation are adjusted against the Navratri vacation,” Education Minister said.

Chudasama aforementioned he has not received a illustration opposing the Navratri vacation. He said the decision was not taken in haste. It was taken once consulting students and education specialists.

President of All Gujarat faculty Managements Association Naran Patel aforementioned that that they had asked the govt. to review the Navratri vacation however the govt. went ahead and created the announcement.

“Since it's regarding putt instructional activities on hold for every week, we will see what should be done,” said Patel.

A trustee of Udgam faculty, Manan Choksi, aforementioned it's tough to offer a week-long vacation. “One or 2 days off throughout the weekend could also be a lot of possible.”

Father Charles Aruldas, principal of St Xavier’s St. Ignatius of Loyola Hall, same their vacation are declared following the government’s call.

“We even have to declare a Christmas vacation, because of that we have a tendency to could ought to increase operating hours.”

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